Do you bless all you encounter all of the time?

Chapter 78

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4.1.2020 8:44pm Wednesday

1. Bless the grocery store workers, the nannies with their charges, the motorcycle repairman, the man walking his dog, the person inside the cardboard box on the sidewalk, the newly married male couple, those with extreme views, those with conservative views, the person with a missing leg, the pretty and the damned. Bless them all. Help to free their souls from differing degrees of enslavement. Show them that their views, their situations, their successes, and their failures do not define them. They are as free as each of you are; without a care in the world.

2. You are each a blessing to the world. The world has waited for you for more than 2000 years. This is the second coming; the return of sanity to an insane world.

End Time: 8:58pm 4.1.2020