How do you express your godliness?

Chapter 131

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7:2:2020 3:04pm Thursday

1. Picture yourself walking on a beach. It’s a beautiful summer day. The weather and temperature are both perfect. This is how every day can be for you. You can walk the earth without a care in the world.

2. Picture yourself walking down a city street. It’s a beautiful day. The weather is cloudy and the temperature is cool. It may be early fall. You are without a single worry.

3. In either of the above scenarios, you are present in the now moment. You walk the beach or the sidewalk as a mature soul in union with God Herself. Your purpose is no longer solely about you.

4. As you travel through your part of the world, your new focus is on others. What do you see? What don’t you see? Train yourself to take notice of the details. What is the woman’s energy like today? What may be behind the man’s angry scowl?

5. Smile and bless them both. What if you notice someone in distress? What can you do to help them? What if a friend needs a shoulder to cry on? Will you be there for them?

6. Walking the earth as deity has responsibility attached to it. Expressing love is paramount and foremost in priority to a light worker.

7. How do you express your godliness? There is no right way or wrong way. There is no judgment or evaluation. There is just love in response to love, in wonderful ways that only you can do.

End Time: 3:33pm 7:2:2020