Have you quit worrying about every unforeseen potential?

Chapter 77

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4.1.2020 1:37pm Wednesday

1. Don’t be concerned about your safety. You have legions of angels surrounding you at all times. Disease and tragic events of every type are simply not interested in teaching you anything anymore. This is another aspect of the time of learning that Christ Consciousness no longer participates in.

2. Please don’t be foolish in testing out your newfound invulnerability. Don’t walk on the expressway. Don’t run with knives. Continue to wash your hands and practice good hygiene. As long as you stay clear with your purpose of service in unity, you will be protected. Stop worrying about every unforeseen potential. Using vernacular from today, “we have your back”.

3. Due to socio-economic factors, many of you may have your buttons pushed (yes, some are still there), by the conditions of some of the assignments we plan on giving some of you. The adage of not judging a book by its cover will be a good rule of thumb to start to live by, if you haven’t already done so. Trust that a match between a service provider (you) and a consumer (a sister or brother) was made in the heavens.

4. You are now or soon will be in a constant state of prayer. Allow time for us to answer your questions and concerns. We are crossing the lines between “time outside of time” and linear time, so the connection my take a few moments. Be patient with us please.

5. I am the CEO of our organization. With me are numerous ascended masters in the spirit team. You are each an ascended master in the physical realm. You will be assigned a particular spirit helper. You can think of them and yourselves as vice presidents. They will be introducing themselves to you when the timing is right. They each speak in my regard. Their words are my words. They help me run an efficient operation.

6. On earth, it is as it is in heaven. You each speak for me and act on my behalf, so you are carrying a heavy load. You have a staff of angels and you have a co-vice president on this end to help you accomplish our goals. You have unlimited resources. You don’t have to worry about what to say. Trust that you will say just the right thing in just the right way. You are our vessel and we will move you to say and do just the right thing at the right moment.

End Time: 2:21pm 4.1.2020