Will you forget all you think you know and begin again fresh?

Chapter 119

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6:21:2020 3:04pm Sunday

1. Begin again with a fresh perspective, a new outlook. Forget everything you think you know. Forget everything you are proud to know. Forget all of your hard earned knowledge. Be an empty slate. Yesterday is gone. Let it go. It has no power over you. If you see people from yesterday today, see them as brand new people you have never met before. Don’t bring yesterday’s behavior, words, and attitudes into today. Today is a new gift, but is rarely treated that way. People can’t stop bringing the past into the present until you do. Show them the way. This is true forgiveness, and true forgiveness is total freedom. There is nothing to hold you back. Yesterday’s failures are today’s brand new opportunities to “forget about it”. Forget about what was said, done, not said, not done, meant, not meant, was honest or dishonest, was above board or underhanded, was true or sneaky. Forget all about it. Forget about showing them “who’s who” and “who is not going to take this lying down”. Forget about “being a better man” and “not letting them get away with it”. Forget about “stepping outside to settle things”. Forget about “you will hear from my lawyer” and “see you in court”. As hard as this sounds, you really don’t know if it will be hard or not until you try. Why not give it an honest try? You might find that living this way suits you just fine. Go on. Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2. Here’s to the new you!

End Time: 3:32pm 6:21:2020

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