Do you bring light everywhere you go and bless everyone you see?

Chapter 142

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7:7:2020 9:33am Tuesday

1. Begin each day with communion with us and keep us close by your side throughout the day. Fill your body with light and then you will be able to communicate freely with us, as we will with you.

2. Remember, the primary purpose is not to shop at a store and put things from a list into your cart. That’s a secondary purpose. The primary purpose is to bring light into that particular store, aisle by aisle. Consciously bless everyone you see. People you don’t see will be blessed as well.

3. Be creative with the type of prayer you will be using on a routine basis such as times like these. “May the love of our Divine Mother embrace you” is a good template. Make it work for you and be a reflection of who you are in truth.

4. Remember, prayer is an extension of what you already know that you have. You are literally giving out trillions of dollars worth of blessings everywhere you go. The fruits of love are perfect health, perfect joy, and abundance. Love is the gift that you give. It’s a package deal and it’s a gift that keeps on giving long after you have left the scene.

5. Babies have to be fed by their parents until they reach a point in their development where they can learn to feed themselves. This is an ideal analogy of what we are asking you to do.

End Time: 9:56am 7:7:2020