Do you see that the Holy Spirit, the true self, the soul are the same?

Chapter 76

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3.31.2020 8:42pm Tuesday

1. A Course of Love taught some concepts that many found difficult to understand and now we wish to expand on them. The first part of the book talked about love and how love cannot be taught; it can just be pointed to and shared. We lost many A Course in Miracles people at the beginning of the second text. A few of them opened up to the new book and admitted that perhaps some of their assumptions about A Course in Miracles were incorrect, namely the “illusion” concept.

2. Hopefully by now, I have cleared up what I meant and did not mean by using this analogy. It became a huge stumbling block for so many, who then misled many others. It became a virus of sorts. The concept of love completely disappeared, as did the purpose of life in form. No wonder people were suspicious of A Course of Love.

3. Two misunderstood concepts from A Course of Love were relationships and the time of learning vs. the time of sharing in unity. As you now know in this clarifying and expanding third volume, you are a soul. That is what you really are. You are nothing other than that. The soul is your true self. The soul is the holy spirit. I have used different terminology throughout the three texts to correlate with readers’ levels of understanding. Holy spirit, true self and soul are all synonyms. They all describe the same wonderful thing.

4. Concerning the time we are in; the time of direct sharing in unity, this is how souls communicate. They share. They give and they never run out. The brain is a tool for understanding and producing language. Its function for learning is not a primary function any longer. This is not to say that you can no longer learn new things. It’s just that the soul doesn’t need to. It is informed by the source of all.

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