Can you acknowledge your ego’s purpose rather than bashing it?

Chapter 75

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3.31.2020 3:35pm Tuesday

1. We greet those who leave your world when they arrive on this side of the veil. Some choose to stay close to the familiar, to what they had grown accustomed to. We allow that. We honor free will in and out of the body. Most change their minds eventually, cross over and join us. The invitation is an open one. Those who have lingered on the earth have told us that they tasted individuality and were afraid of losing it once fully committing to crossing over. The truth is, however, that you retain a degree of individuality while feeling connected. It’s the best of both worlds. You can have your cake and eat it too. There are no two souls that are exactly alike. That is what is so amazing about God.

2. In earth time, we greet hundreds of souls every second and say goodbye to hundreds who are headed towards the earth. It’s quite an amazing process. The ones who leave the 3D worlds “died” in a variety of ways: some ghastly and some quite beautiful. They are completely unharmed and are grateful for their experiences in the various schools, because that is precisely what they are.

3. All experiential schools teach the same thing in trillions of unlimited ways: how souls can soften their egoically driven bodies. To the eventual point where the ego moves to the back burner and is ultimately consumed by the soul, having served its purpose.

4. You see, egos have purpose. They aren’t evil and they aren’t without purpose. They provide a PhD learning experience for your soul, your true self. They are part of the grand master plan. You couldn’t have gotten this far without it so please refrain from bashing it. It served its purpose and is not your enemy. This is another misunderstanding from A Course in Miracles. God does not have any enemies.

End Time: 4:02pm 3.31.2020