Are you living boldly and with conviction?

Chapter 43

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3.19.2020 5:20am Thursday

1. Let us begin this day with gratitude for all of those who came before us and paved the way for Christ Consciousness to take hold. They are too many to mention individually but each one was a mighty companion during the times in which they lived.

2. Make your mark here. Make your life count. Live boldly and with conviction. Let us change the course of history by going in a bold new direction – the movement away from personhood.

3. You are each now a representation of unity with God. You are an illuminated and illustrative aspect of God. Of the One Self. You are a form of God but not the totality of God. God cannot be contained in just a body. God is everywhere. Let this truth be known.

End Time: 5:42am 3.19.2020