Do you celebrate every single thing that brought you here now?

Chapter 74

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3.31.2020 10:30am Tuesday

1. Celebrate! Celebrate everything, every single thing that has brought you to this point where “you” were unraveled and where I AM emerged as victor. There are no spoils of war because there was no war. Everything in your human lifetimes was a gift; the failed relationships, the disasters large and small, the hard times and the good times. They ultimately helped bring you to your knees and whittle away all of the false ideas about yourself.

2. Say “thank you” to all of the “monsters” you’ve met and know that they weren’t really monsters after all. They were just another version of you, trying to do the best with what they had available. Show compassion because (trust me when I say this) people have certainly been compassionate with each of you because each of you have been a monster to someone else.

3. Everything is out of the closet now. There were no terrible things that should not have happened. They needed to happen and were allowed to happen to eventually help to transform you. Accept this unconditionally. There are no exceptions. If a person was raped or murdered, then that is the experience the soul required at that time. Rape and murder were certainly not God’s will and no one “deserves” them. They are part of the egoic experience and are summoned by egos in violation of love and of their true nature.

4. Violations are allowed here. Experiencing what hate is like is allowed here. All developing souls have to experience it either directly or indirectly at some point. If someone rapes or murders, they will be required to experience what it is like to be raped or murdered in this or some future lifetime. It is the law of Karma and rectifying unresolved issues.

5. It pains us to see out of control egos who think they have the right to do this to someone or who think subconscious thoughts have a way of coming to the surface and matching up; actor/victim, victim/actor.

6. Becoming fully awakened or conscious ends this nonsense, once and for all.

End Time: 11:04am 3.31.2020