Do you still think you’re imagining everything?

Chapter 32

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3.10.2020 3:27am Tuesday

1. Be vigilant in your attitudes and desire to serve the truth. Watch out for any ideology in which you are the star of your own dream. That analogy may have been true at one point but not any longer. The dream of separation was the unconscious state of reality for you. And is still the main reality for the vast majority of humanity. That’s all it was, figurative language, that reflects a particular way of being in the world.

2. Once awakened, the dream-like state is no more. How effective can you be as a light worker, if you think you are imagining everything? There is no “you”. That was the imagination at play. That was the dream. That was the illusion.

3. The ideas that formed “you” were nothing more than an encasement, a cocoon that broke away so that “I AM” could then fly like a butterfly as you.

4. Before we move forward, we need to make absolutely certain that all of you understand these misunderstood concepts from A Course in Miracles.

5. If you have been harboring these misunderstandings about the illusion and what it means to be awakened, please allow them to be cleared up. Read this chapter several times if you have to and then move forward.

6. We teach in different ways but we don’t teach different principles.

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