Do you model a way out of suffering?

Chapter 21

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2.28.2020 3:07am Friday

1. This installment begins with a prayer for the dying, a prayer for those unaccustomed to the true ways of the truth. “Dear Father/Mother/Great Creator, please help me to harness and extend the love you have given me, the love that I am, to all of those you place before me. I AM the mighty truth, powerful enough to cut through any illusion and heal all misperceptions that stem from untrue beliefs.”

2. Let us begin each day, each moment, by tapping into the great power of the universal order that includes all universes and all worlds. This is our blessing that we offer.

3. All human suffering stems from inaccurate belief whereas alignment with love eliminates suffering and replaces it with perfect joy, peace, abundance and health.

4. This is our task, to model a way out of suffering, one soul at a time.

End Time: 3:33am 2.28.2020