Are you ready to plan on the unexpected and even relocate?

Chapter 73

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3.30.2020 8:37pm Monday

1. Are you willing to leave everything behind? What if we told you that your services were required elsewhere; a different town, a different city, a different state, a different country? What if all of the details fell into place and you knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were paving the way for you to go elsewhere and fulfill a specific purpose there? Would you go or would you give us a list of reasons why you couldn’t do that: It would be too scary, too uncertain, too hard.

2. I’m telling you now that many if not most of you will be given the call to relocate. You can either look at this through the eyes of ego and stamp your feet because of how unreasonable the request is, or you can look at this through the eyes of your soul and jump at the opportunity.

3. We see the big picture and know where saints’ skill sets are most needed. There aren’t that many of you at this time. You would populate a large town. We have to utilize our resources to maximum advantage.

4. Your small lives and your illusion of control are over. You exist to serve love and to serve God. We will make you as comfortable as possible but there are many hard tasks ahead of us and we will be asking for your assistance and expertise. Plan on the unexpected. In many ways, your lives are just beginning!

End Time: 8:58pm 3.30.2020