Are you being kind to the earth and to all life in every form?

Chapter 31

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3.9.2020 2:33am Monday

1. Sound the alarm. The earth itself will not support the human status quo any longer. People who have not awakened and allowed their consciousness to be changed, will not be able to return here to inflict more harm. The earth will only support Christ Consciousness. There will be other options for those who need further soul development.

2. Humans have treated the earth and its great resources in such a disrespectful manner. Global warming is the earth’s way of responding to all of the abuse. The throw away culture will not exist on the new earth nor will pollution of any type.

3. Being an environmentalist is in alignment with Christ Consciousness. Do what you can to limit waste and to reuse/recycle. Get out of your cars and walk or ride a bike to run errands in areas that support these choices. We all have to do our part.

4. The earth is a living entity that supports life in so many forms. It is not part of the great illusion that I have so frequently talked about. The illusion refers to the human perception and its investment in fear. This is yet another misunderstanding of A Course in Miracles.

5. Be kind to all, including the ground you stand on. Companies who seek to profit from the earth’s great resources are largely responsible for our collective environmental mess. But so are the consumers who were duped into buying into the throw away consumer culture.

6. When all individuals are expressions of the divine, then companies who rape and pillage the earth will not exist. Population will decrease. The earth is overpopulated, especially with unconscious and greedy beings.

7. Allow love to affect everything that you do, including your environmental choices and carbon footprint.With love always, Jesus

End Time: 3:08am 3.9.2020