How do you nourish your soul?

Chapter 71

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3.30.2020 9:43am Monday

1. Music and artistic expressions of all types originate from the soul. They rarely, however, remain a pure expression of love. Like everything else, they get hijacked by the mind and turned into an expression of mind but there is soul in every kind of music, art, film, and theater, however small and negligible.

2. Different kinds of music touch different types of people. When a song really touches someone, it touches their heart and makes them feel a connection to the performer and song writer.

3. Artists cause “explosions in the house of illusion” as first taught in A Course of Love. They make people feel more alive and feed souls that would starve without it.

4. You see, it’s hard to be a soul here in this world. They just don’t get a break and are seldom listened to. Music and art are things that souls crave. Souls are like cacti living in a vast desert. They need nourishment from somewhere.

5. We have provided nourishment in the form of our books but for now a new type of nourishment will be available and it will come from you. Mature souls are the missing link that can provide what spiritual books, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga cannot.

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