Are you willing to quit living in lies?

Chapter 11

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2.18.2020 2:32am Tuesday

1. Imagine a world where all who dwell on it, know the truth of who they are. This is our aim. We tolerated all of the lies but now things need to speed up. The most important thing now is that you don’t live in lies anymore. You aren’t really a separate “person” any longer so all of those definitions have fallen by the wayside. You are spirit, gender free, past free and limitation free. You are in the “Holy Instant” and are in a constant exchange in dialogue when called to do so. You are gentle as lambs when conversing with your brothers and sisters and your message is simple enough for the uninitiated levels of understanding.

2. Over time, your physical form may change and will reflect who you have become – bringers of light. We seek to bring understanding and the comfort that this brings to those who only know physical reality. We don’t tell God what to do. We tell others what God is doing and through the miracle, help them to accept and understand their life’s situations and the meaning or content of those situations.

3. Teaching about the spirit world and how it is our true home is one of the most important things you can teach during these times. We are not our bodies and we never truly die. We just keep transforming. There’s never an end. Chapters end and books end but new ones are always beginning. Death is the biggest illusion of them all.

End Time: 3:04am 2.18.2020