How do you nourish souls?

Chapter 6

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2.13.2020 2:46am Thursday

1. Good morning brethren. My suggestion today is to find the sweetness in the meanest, most bitter people and bless that. This is the quality of the true self and this is what we want to help cultivate and grow. You are each farmers in an important way and you provide something that the sun, air, water, and food cannot. Those are for the body. You can give nutrition to the soul.

2. Where does this nutrition come from? Remember the “Holy Instant” in A Course in Miracles? It grew from a pinpoint of light to full bodied envelopment over time in each of your lives. It consumed the old “you”. And your true identity as a light worker for God, took over most egoic functioning. This is the light you spread wherever you go – to the library, grocery store, work, your gym, your kid’s school, the downtrodden on your streets. There is nowhere this light is not needed and welcomed.

3. Smile. Be present with others and give them a gift they don’t “see” coming. The gift of unconditional love and full acceptance of each one. And of their myriad life situations, which are really learning or unlearning possibilities.

4. Human society will and must fall apart for something new and exciting to take its place. The House of Illusion and The House of Truth won’t co-exist for long here. Guess which one will supersede the other eventually? Until then, there will be much turmoil. The House of Illusion doesn’t want to leave.

5. Egos and the things they make can be incredibly strong and powerful. They are held in place by belief and the fear of not believing in them. You are testament that you can live on the earth and not have any beliefs at all. Just solid knowings about the eternal world that you carry with you. You are nothing less than human angels. And you are in every city, every small town, and every rural area in the world. The Bible says to “Go forth and multiply”. This is exactly what you are to do. Not by being evangelical, but by being present, still, and at one with your creator. This is the concept of union taught in A Course of Love.

6. We are taking over and creating a new earth and no one knows what we are doing, consciously. Unconsciously, collective egos are feeling threatened by something. And that something is coming from us. It is freedom and joy, the fruits of spirit. The old human ways of fear will have to pack their bags and go. There’s a new sheriff in town. Things will never be the same again. We teach freedom from mind control and freedom of expression. This is what the world has longed to hear for thousands of years.

End Time: 3:32 am 2.13.2020

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