Are you sustaining Christ Consciousness?

Chapter 68

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3.29.2020 9:24am Sunday

1. Clear the fog from your minds and be ready at a second’s notice to respond to our directions. We are a mighty machine and each cog has to be in good working order.

2. Sustained Christ Consciousness means that it needs minimal input from outside sources such as books and audio recordings. The internal energy is strong enough that it does not need much external support. It has become a fully functioning Sun.

3. Maintained Christ Consciousness means that training wheels are required as are a host of seen and unseen helpers. Channeled books and inspired books are our primary ways of providing maintenance.

4. Like all things pertaining to spiritual growth, moving from maintenance to sustenance is a long process that usually has difficulty embedded in it. It can be likened to being awakened to being enlightened.

5. There are some of you who are sustaining Christ Consciousness and are truly enlightened. Most of you are at the maintenance level. When everything is in place and all pieces of the pie are ready, the shift will be made. There’s nothing you can do to speed up your process. It will take the amount of time that it needs, not a second more and not a second less.

6. Enlightenment is an end point of sorts, at least here on earth. It’s when there is no “you”. People will still recognize “you” and “you” will still shop, do laundry, and manage “your” money. But it isn’t an identity. Being Christ or an aspect of God is your identity.

End Time: 9:54am 3.29.2020