Can you respond to lack of love with loving acceptance and blessing?

Chapter 69

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3.29.2020 3:57pm Sunday

1. The heart is what I wish to speak of at this time. Some think following your heart is foolish. They prefer a more analytical approach. What do I mean by “heart”? I am not referring to the organ that pumps blood throughout the body.

2. The heart that I am talking about is actually synonymous with soul. The soul does not have a brain like the body does. The soul does not have separate organs and does not have liquid running through it. It does not process food to create energy.

3. The soul’s energy comes from something it is actually connected to; source energy, usually referred to as God. God activates all souls from within, not from without.

4. Souls do not have emotions, which stem from the body’s brain’s thoughts. Souls have a deep knowing about everything they are involved in. They also have a deep set of feelings connected to this knowing or awareness.

5. Thoughts and resulting emotions are entirely different from knowing and feeling. A human’s thoughts run the gamut but are typically either fear based or neutral. A human’s feelings range from happy to sad and everything in between but they really are simply emotional reactions to either internal or external thoughts (things you read or other people tell you).

6. A soul’s knowing always comes from God and is 100% love based. A soul’s feelings are also from God and always loving in nature. Remember, love accepts lack of love or void, so a deep soul level knowing may provide an unflattering truth. But the resulting feeling will always be love and acceptance, followed up with a blessing. Which is an extension of your love to an individual, group of individuals or situation, in order to further support and nurture development in your sisters and brothers.

End Time: 4:33pm 3.29.2020