Do you give to others knowing you give to yourself?

Chapter 67

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3.28.2020 7:54pm Saturday

1. There’s a difference between being selfless and being Selfish with a capital S. Selfless people give to other small selves without regard for their own wellbeing. They are wonderful. They are the ones who will give the shirt off their backs and do just about anything for someone.

2. What we are promoting is a little more radical; being Selfish or being strictly concerned with the one Self or the individual soul aspect. You are now in relationship to everyone and everything. You know from A Course in Miracles that giving and receiving are one in truth. So this type of giving is not at all like giving someone your shirt and you then being without that shirt. This is like giving someone your shirt and that same shirt that you gave away is then immediately replaced, without cost or effort of any type.

3. Selfish people with a capital S give to others because they realize that they are really giving to themselves. This type of giving is primarily done as a spiritual extension or blessing but it can also involve material goods of some type. The Bible says, “Give unto others and it shall be given unto you.” How this works cannot be explained in words but if you are reading this book now, I know that you understand. You can each tell mysterious stories about your experiences with this concept.

4. Carry on and let us worry about the details!

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