Can you always see the good in everyone and every situation?

Chapter 66

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3.28.2020 2:58pm Saturday

1. The glass is always half full. This is how a mature soul or Christ always looks at everything. We find the good in every diabolical situation because it’s there. There is good in everyone; even in those you say “only a mother could love”.

2. Goodness sometimes gets trapped by fear and it doesn’t know how to get out. Fear cannot harm goodness. Your soul cannot be harmed in any way, shape, or form. This is why I said in previous volumes that You cannot truly be hurt. The real You, your soul, the aspect of God, cannot be harmed.

3. The same cannot be said of the body of course. All kinds of things can happen to it. Mine was nailed to wood and suspended from the air. Equally ghoulish things have happened to countless bodies through the ages. I don’t need to go into detail here. Most of you have watched the nightly news, horror movies and read history books.

4. The point is that identification with the soul will protect you from experiencing any type of pain to the body. That’s what my crucifixion was for. It was a gift to all of the Christs who follow in my footsteps in the millennia to come; immunity.

5. Once the soul has literally taken over the body, the body becomes the property of the soul. The body is no longer an image of an ego but instead, an image of the soul. The body will then be a servant to spirit. It then, cannot be harmed and will enjoy the fruits of spirit: perfect joy, perfect health, and abundance (enough to share).

End Time: 3:24pm 3.28.2020