Do you still believe money provides security in a changing world?

Chapter 65

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3.28.2020 9:12am Saturday

1. Share what you have. You don’t own anything. Everything is to share, re-purpose and recycle. The human world has made great inroads in the areas of recycling and composting. Artists use trash to make more interesting pieces of art and people are making homes out of old shipping containers. Composting produces nutrient rich soil that sustains plant life. These are all ideas that originated from a single soul and then spread to others, but not without resistance of course.

2. Companies often fear widespread implementation of new ideas because they fear that their bottom line will be affected. One thing that has not changed much over time is the all mighty dollar and more importantly, people’s belief that money will provide security in an ever changing world.

3. The world that you live in is different than it was before the 1950’s. It is more open and less rigid about small and large things. We can’t proceed with expanding our love movement in pre 1950’s conditions and yet collective fear wants to take society back to that time. Political movements across the world, usually known as right wing populism, have raised their ugly heads. And are moving at a rapid pace toward authoritarianism and the rejection of all liberal principles, including the rule of law. The country of Russia is their model and inspiration.

4. This development may make our work somewhat more difficult. We require freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. There may be difficult days ahead but we must not forget that large segments of our society are on our side. They have tasted the liberation of personal freedom of expression and they won’t give that up at any cost. They may not really “get” us but they will like our soulful ideas.

End Time: 9:42am 3.28.2020