What about money?

Chapter 24

3.2.2020 2:48am Monday

1. We need to talk about nuts and bolts today. Energy can influence energy. Going back to the sun analogy, even on a bitterly cold day in Alaska, the sun’s light affects everything and everyone. Stay clear, tend your gardens, and immerse your individual rays into the Great Ray of Light.

2. Spread your clear, cloudless energy in the myriad of ways that you feel called to do so. Encourage others to check out of the world’s agenda and be their true selves, be who they were truly meant to be. How do you do this? You model it. You talk about it. You write about your experiences in Christ Consciousness or being awakened.

3. Organize a group for people who share a common interest. Form relationships and be an influencer. Don’t share your opinions. Share what you know about reality. Help the ones we send to you to open their eyes. Do you charge money for this? Please don’t. If your group has some nominal expenses, it’s okay to ask for contributions but sharing the truth is not a way to make money. Each of you have an income of some type and this is sufficient.

4. Other than the possible purchase of a book, we don’t want to send the message that we profit from sharing the truth. We are the opposite of televangelists.

End Time: 3:23am 3.2.2020

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