Are you living free from judgement, anger, and regret?

Chapter 61

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3.26.2020 4:04am Thursday

1. The fire and brimstone of eternal damnation described in ancient texts, pales in comparison to the type of punishment the human mind inflicts on itself and on others. Judgment is worse than the eternal flames of hell. The human brain in consort with its master, the ego, accomplish what punishment after death cannot; 24/7 torture now.

2. Why do you think your society has so many imprisoned, addicted to various substances and activities, physically sick, without basic resources, living with anger and regret? The ego might as well be a real Satan, because it functions like a devil who takes a perverse pleasure in tormenting its host.

3. People numb themselves with gambling, drinking, drugs, sex, and violence. Being reborn as Christ is the only lasting solution to all of this. Imagine a society where there are no problems, only the freedom to create more and more love. Keep this goal in mind at all times, my sisters and brothers.

End Time: 4:29pm 3.26.2020