Are you listening and ready to be guided at a moment’s notice?

Chapter 60

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3.26.2020 7:45am Thursday

1. Let us begin this day with gratitude towards all spiritual trailblazers throughout history. They are many and they had an impact during their time.

2. This is your time to have an impact and be a spiritual trailblazer. Take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride. There will never be another time like this so make your mark. Show up for your assignments. We are ready to guide all available souls but you have to be ready, at sometimes just a moment’s notice.

3. This is accomplished by being in communication with us during every moment of every waking hour. To do this you don’t have to give up anything, just stay connected with us while you do it. If you take a walk or a bike ride, let us go with you. Take us to the grocery store, invite us to listen to music with you. Most importantly, stay connected with us when you talk to others. It’s easy to drift off. Be an Olympic weightlifter for spiritual connectivity.

4. What is spiritual connectivity? It’s when your soul is consciously connected to other souls, both here in the physical world and in the non-physical world. This is how we not only grow but influence. Did you know that there is no limit to how much a soul can grow?

5. My work with you has caused my soul to grow leaps and bounds. Once fully mature, a soul still grows and develops. A soul is an aspect of God, so as you can see, God is always growing, always creating.

6. Our work of creating saints has been limited to a small group, the first wave. Next, we want to “go viral” with second, third, fourth (and so on) waves.

End Time: 8:14am 3.26.2020