What about sex?

Chapter 14

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2.21.2020 3:19am Friday

1. Today’s topic is sex. The need and desire for this type of intimacy between one body and another is largely left in the past for many of you. Humans are sexual beings because of the need for procreation and the desire for reunion with something they believe they have lost contact with. The sex drive is very powerful. The failure to control it has complicated so many lives.

2. We, on the other hand, have weakened sex drives because the union with Our Creator has been restored. Our relationships with others are not need driven. They are enhancement based. They are beyond the body experience. Is sex wrong? No, not at all. It’s just that for us, at this point, living a life of celibacy is preferable and less complicated.

3. We have intimacy in union with God and with all. Unless sex is a part of a holy relationship, it can be harmful and confusing to those who believe they are bodies. This topic has to be a personal choice but the natural flow has taken many of you into celibacy and this is a natural development.

4. In the spirit world, sexual intimacy is not part of our experience because it is not needed. You each live in our world and are seen here. You reflect our values. Be cautious with sexual expression. The choice is yours and we support whatever that is. Know, however, that if it hasn’t happened, that celibacy will be knocking on your doorstep one day soon.

End Time: 3:54am 2.21.2020