Do you dare begin fresh in each moment unconcerned with the past?

Chapter 59

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3.25.2020 3:08pm Wednesday

1. To begin again is to be fresh in each moment, free of the clouds and weeds of the past. We have always had the opportunity to live this way but so many have felt that they needed permission from somewhere to dare to be so unconcerned about the past. Your entire civilization is built on history and the importance of it.

2. On one level, history is certainly interesting. It’s interesting to see where humanity was developmentally throughout the centuries. Many things have changed and yet some things haven’t changed much at all. The ego is largely unchanged.

3. Mature souls have the power to soften their ego’s harsh stances and opinions about virtually everything. Immature souls are pretty much enslaved by an ego. The luckiest of them get let out of their cages once in a while to go for a walk.

4. This is what you signed up for; the eventual disempowerment of an ego. What an extremely difficult and tall order that was! Let us all rejoice and pat each other on the backs for this accomplishment.

5. Most parts of your individual movies or plays have been unscripted and improvisational, mostly to meet your own selfish needs and desires. This next part however is completely uncharted.

6. This is when each of you step into other people’s TV shows and influence the script directly, forever changing and altering the course of those lives. You are the “special guest star”.

End Time: 3:34pm 3.25.2020