Do you model how to fully feel and process painful moments?

Chapter 27

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3.5.2020 2:33am Thursday

1. Let us begin this day with gratitude for what the past has brought us and provided to us. We carry the past with us, both as cherished prizes and raw wounds. This is what we as spiritual light workers must model and share to the world; how to process those painful moments in life, without carrying it into the present moment. We are not taught how to do this.

2. The main message of A Course in Miracles is about forgiveness. Letting the pain of the past be released and not burden our souls any longer. Forgiveness is a letting go and yet it is a process. It takes time to get to that juncture. It doesn’t happen overnight. It may be a painful process.

3. I have taught you that you have attached meaning to the words and behaviors of others, as well as yourself. Sometimes, oftentimes, the meaning becomes larger than what was expressed through language or behavior. This does not negate the hurtful language or behavior from others. This is another key misunderstanding of A Course in Miracles. That we imagine everything and maybe even each other. Maybe the characters in your hallucination are simply conjured up and don’t actually exist at all. And if they do exist, they are innocent. And did not actually say, not say, do, or not do, the things we think they did.

4. While there certainly is innocence here, the innocence of the soul seedlings activating each body, it is unfortunately, not where most people are functioning. They largely function from unprocessed and collected traumatic events from the past. These deep seated feelings get bottled up. Where they either combust internally producing disease, or get thrown as projectiles at others. So yes, learning how to process these things is crucial to understanding them. And not letting them grow as weeds, interfering with your ability to live clearly and freely in the moment.

5. You each accentuate words and behavior with meaning. And yet the words and behavior weren’t mere imaginings. They really happened and will continue to happen here, until people awaken from egoic functioning.

End Time: 3:19am 3.5.2020