Will you start over and allow your light to pour out on all?

Chapter 29

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3.7.2020 5:15am Saturday

1. Begin again. Start over. Let everything from the past go. Let earthly identities go. Be light. Don’t be weighed down. Be fresh. Be ready to respond to what this present moment brings you. Allow your inner sweetness to shine through. This is how life here is supposed to be but sadly isn’t.

2. I say “life here” because you are each alive in some way, in some form, always. You are immortal. You have been here many times. Your lives may have included being a judge in the “wild west” days and also being a thief in ancient Persia. It was all part of your soul’s journey, its development to maturity, where it will one day re-join its creator, the source of all of creation.

3. This is what you are to model and teach in each waking moment. By now, you have each established a solid spiritual practice that works for you with whatever that entails. Make sure to create time and space for this. You will need to be fully charged at all times and in all places. Your charger is built in and goes where you go. There’s no danger of losing it.

4. Let the light pour out of you while staying plugged in. We know this is difficult to do with some of the situations and assignments we have put many of you in. Strive to keep plugged in and you will succeed.

5. May the love that you are, embrace the love that everyone is, in truth.

End Time: 5:44am 3.7.2020

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