Do you live free from the past and new in each moment?

Chapter 46

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3.20.2020 2:30pm Friday

1. You now have the chance to push the restart button within yourselves and be free, truly free of absolutely everything. You can be free of every “could have”, “should have”, or “would have”. You are free from the past and are new in each moment.

2. You are free from any and all expectations. You accept that you did your best, however messy it may have looked. You make amends and move on. You have stopped beating yourself up and have stopped criticizing others for their mistakes.

3. You are free. You are truly free. A democratic society is a type of free society, but are people really free? Very few are. Very few give themselves permission to have free expression and to not buy into all of society’s demands and expectations.

4. I am here to tell you to announce to the world, that demands and expectations are not based in love. Therefore, they can be politely excused from the building.

5. The only expectation that God has is that all of his children be happy, however that looks to them. God is always happy and if you are plugged into God, into love, then you will always be happy too.

6. Please model this and share it wherever you may travel. Even a prisoner can be free. His body may be confined but his soul never will be. I bless each of you, always, for doing this work and for being a part of the greatest movement that mankind has ever seen – a return to love.

End Time: 2:56pm 3.20.2020