Do you trust your feelings when interacting with someone?

Chapter 58

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3.25.2020 8:52am Wednesday

1. The ability to see clearly and to see the whole picture rests not on denying what your eyes show you, but seeing through whatever presents itself to what is actually causing it. Humans only see effects. Non-human humans see cause and effect. Fear and love are both causes and both have effects. Some are clear to see and some are shrouded in mystery. Use your skills to discern what is really going on in any situation. If you’re stumped, ask for our additional insight.

2. A good rule of thumb is not to judge appearances because they will frequently lead you off track. A smiling face from a human with an immature soul can have a multitude of meanings. Friendly may be lower on the list than deceit.

3. Learn to trust how you feel about an interaction with someone. All of you have been bestowed with psychic gifts or a sixth sense of knowing. A Course in Miracles discouraged judgment because your eyes only show you part of something and to declare that this something is good or bad is far from fair, without knowing all of the unseen and unknown aspects.

4. Knowing and acceptance replace judgment, when deity is your guide. When ego is your guide, learning to refrain from judgment is learning to tame the ego and “put a lid on it” so to speak. A Course of Love cemented the idea that judgment does not originate from love.

5. Some readers of a Course of Love misunderstood my words to mean that nothing matters and that you should do whatever you want because you are God and you are “playing in duality”. Please know that what you do does in fact matter. And that you no longer live in illusion once Christ has become you, and your full vision has been restored. There is good and bad. It is just that they are more complicated than simplistic.

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