Are you aware of how much help you receive from beyond the veil?

Chapter 57

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3.24.2020 7:43pm Tuesday

1. Most behind the scenes players enjoy being free of their oftentimes diseased, frail, elderly and wounded bodies. For the most part, they served them well. Those who die young and unexpectedly require extra tender loving care to become accustomed to their new situations.

2. The scripts for human life are very loosely written. Human life is largely improvisational and ego driven. The influence of the soul is dependent on its maturity level. More mature souls have a great deal of influence over a character’s life, and the lives it interacts with, either directly or indirectly.

3. Behind the scenes players have more influence on the script and flow of life than you may realize. One day, you may be surprised to learn about how much help you have actually received from beyond the veil. Just think about all of those times when there was almost a car accident, almost a drowning, almost an overdose, almost a being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You have us to thank for that, as does virtually everyone. We are your support system. Life on earth would really be a mess without us.

4. You will rejoin us behind the scenes one day. Together, we provide the whole picture. Humans only see half of it.

End Time: 7:58pm 3.24.2020