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Chapter 55

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3.24.2020 8:23am Tuesday

1. Let’s get down to brass tacks. A strongly energized and fully mature soul can actually alter the path of another soul, simply by being near it. Souls respond to other souls like food responds to heat. It’s that simple. Souls do not respond to egos. It is a waste of time and energy. Give other souls what they crave – soul food. Give them your undivided attention and utmost consideration. This is a growing part of God you see. Be a good listener and be short on advice. Have a list of resources available to seekers. Lend or give away what you have, if you must. Everything can be replaced.

2. Spiritual books – true spiritual books – are magical in that the reader becomes the book. Therefore, you don’t really need to keep the books as dust magnets. Let them work their magic for a sister or brother.

3. If you’re not sure which book would be a good for a particular person, set them all out and let the person choose. There are solo practitioners and those who are group oriented. Help someone find a free group if they show interest. We don’t charge money. There is not enough money for the truth. It is priceless, both literally and figuratively.

4. As I’ve spoken of before, you are all being financially supported in some way or combination of ways. Being Christ cannot be one of the ways. It sends the wrong message. Money is definitely a man-made concept so let’s not blend it with our mission as much as is possible. With this said, there may be nominal expenses for food or supplies. These can be donated or shared.

5. Start to think in terms of sharing. This concept was popular during the hippie movement of the 1960’s. Let’s bring it back!

End Time: 8:55am 3.24.2020

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