Do you find yourself in competition of any kind?

Chapter 40

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3.17.2020 2:01pm Tuesday

1. It has often been said that good guys finish last. We beg to differ. The good guys (you) are already past the finish line for a race that was never started to begin with. This was never a competition, just a realization. Who is there to compete with? Characters, bodies, separate from your own? Both of which are unreal – meaning that they have not yet represented the tiniest fragment of truth?

2. The good guys have stopped thinking about life as a race. Or as a time period in which you are to acquire as much money, material goods, or status as possible. They see the futility and meaninglessness of the ego’s approach to life.

3. Typically, when a soul has reached this level of development, they leave their body and vanish. Disappearing into the spiritual realm from where they came. There is no need for further lessons here. Now, however, it is different.

4. We want all of you who are in agreement with us, to stay, to live on earth in a brand new way and to model this for all to see. This is the gilded age, the time of Christ Consciousness, a time when good guys reign supreme.

5. When enough people practice Christ Consciousness, and live ego and identity free lives, then there will be no more war or conflict. Isn’t this worth staying for?

End Time: 2:24pm 3.17.2020