Are you in lock-step with your soul?

Chapter 54

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3.23.2020 7:28pm Monday

1. It is not business as usual. Don’t just read your spiritual books and pretend like everything is fine. The old is crumbling so the new can take its place. Your job is to help create the new by creating miracles. The openings will be there. Again your job is to plant the seed.

2. When people’s routines and comfort are threatened, they respond to the threat by thinking something is wrong, and that something needs to be fixed. Comfort is paramount to an ego.

3. People are right about one thing. There is something wrong. It’s not the effects they are experiencing. It is their thinking. The way humans think causes everything here to manifest; the good and the bad.

4. Thinking in step with your soul always produces good results because it is in lock step with the source of all universes.

5. An ego is not in lock step with anything except other egos. It is bound to create misery and suffering when left to its own devices. If it creates anything of value, then you know that the soul has had some influence.

6. There are groups of people who have been practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. These practices can create space from the incessantly thinking mind. They are definitely a step in the right direction, but they don’t provide knowledge, just openings.

7. These sisters and brothers will be the second wave of Christ Consciousness. You are each part of the first wave. Do what you can to nurture the development of the second wave. This ground is very fertile.

End Time: 7:54pm 3.23.2020