Do you reflect freedom from identity and attachment?

Chapter 53

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3.23.2020 2:42pm Monday

1. Saying goodbye to your old self isn’t easy. It’s as comfortable as an old blanket. It is what you’re used to. If that isn’t who you are then who are you or more importantly, what are you? A body, brain, level of education, level of social connections or lack of them, likes, dislikes, victories, defeats, problems of all types, this is who you are, right?

2. You, the readers of this text, know that this is not who you are or who anyone is. All of this historical data is as substantial as a wet paper bag. There is no meat to it but this is what everyone clings to as their identity. They feel like they cannot be in the world without an identity, something to bond them with others or repel them from others. The ego always sees other people as other people.

3. The new way is to see others as different aspects of the oneself, different reflections of you, as you are to them. What do you reflect? Is it the same old same old or is it something completely new and different? Being identity and attachment free is something that is totally new and uncharted.

5. You aren’t a sex, or age, or handsome, or homely, or smart, or average, or normal, or weird, or a fan, or detractor, or a member, or an outsider. You are beyond all labels and all categories. You cannot be described adequately because you are beyond description. Does this sound familiar? Who does this sound like? Isn’t the idea of God so magnificent that it defies description?

6. Leaving the human way of thinking means leaving the world of identity and attachments behind.

End Time: 3:13pm 3.23.2020