Are you conscious of the ‘either-or’ choice now facing you?

Chapter 52

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3.23.2020 7:53am Monday

1. The complicated nature of the human/spirit situation on earth is not limited to just the boundaries of the earth. Duality plays out in countless universes and galaxies, in much the same way as it has here. This is by design, which is free will, the ability to choose. The main problem is that sentient beings usually do not know that they are choosing. They don’t see diametrically different options and can’t see beyond the prison of perception.

2. The argument can be made that there is no choice until you know what your options are. A Course in Miracles taught the concept of ego, or having an ego, was a choice. What was meant was that coming into form entailed having an ego, and having an ego meant a degree of separation from spirit, from the realm of origination. Once the choice was made to manifest into form, then there really was no further choice until the soul was mature enough to start to question everything. As you know, this is a painstakingly slow process that happens after a series of what are typically difficult lifetimes.

3. What we hope to do with each of you individually and collectively is to use your mind/body vehicles that we now claim as our own, to show that there is in fact a choice. It will be a stark “this or that” choice. Consciously seeing that there are two options to choose from will help speed up this process enormously.

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