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Chapter 41

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3.18.2020 5:44am Wednesday

1. Non-human humans, who are largely non-reactive on an emotional level is what we are trying to create. We want them to be responsive on a physical level, without incurring the emotional baggage. They can’t be “hurt” because there really is no “person” attached to the mind/body vehicle. There is only a mature soul as an operating system.

2. This may sound like a lofty goal and obviously we are not there yet. No one is there yet. The best we can do is to place the egoic operating system on the back burner and train people to allow their divinity to be dominant. This is the elevated self of form, first introduced in A Course of Love.

3. This has been achieved to a large extent with many of you – those I call saints – but not in society at large. The elevated self of form is a mid-point goal, one we think is both practical and achievable. The complete absence of ego is still a long way off. For now, we want to educate people about what an ego is. And how to control it long enough until it is tame or dormant. At this point the soul is mature enough to take over.

4. The soul doesn’t need to be educated. It needs opportunities to be strengthened and to grow. This can happen the hard way or the easy way. We support the easy way. Or actually, the easier way, because this is anything but easy. We are just making a comparison here. Reading A Course in Miracles is much easier than being in the school of hard knocks.

5. When you talk to a soul, you are not really communicating with the character they have been playing. You are communicating with an essence.

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