Are you ready to build a society based on love and free from control?

Chapter 49

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3.22.2020 3:18am Sunday

1. In the beginning, we lost focus on what the human project was for. It has degenerated so much from our original intention. It took on a life of its own and became both monstrous and beautiful. In truth, souls are the latter but definitely not the former.

2. So, here we are with physical beings that are basically nothing like us. They are capable of doing good. Maybe if you threaten them if they aren’t. They truly needed external systems of control. And this of course is where human governments and religious institutions sprang up and came into play. They did serve a need.

3. Humans sought order and protection from each other. External gods of all types were created throughout history to punish the evildoers and to reward the righteous. The fear of God was a very strong and reliable concept that was deeply instilled in most of the developed world.

4. Then, ideas about family, marriage, gender roles and sexual orientation broke away from the strict control and fear of the church. Some in today’s society want to put liberal ideas about these issues back into the genie’s bottle. They blame freedom of choice for the deterioration of a law and order society. A society based entirely on judgment and conformism to manmade religious texts.

5. Love is all about freedom. Freedom from any and all tyranny. Love is free flowing and not controlling. Love is never selfish and is accepting of all, even the lack of love. Love is trusting and patient.

6. We will build our new society on this building block and will not require the control of governments and religious institutions. The knowledge that God is inside each woman, man and child is all we need.

7. The world has always had everything backwards. A twisted reality is what we have often referred to as illusion.

End Time: 3:58am 3.22.2020

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