Will you put the books down and express in your own unique way?

Chapter 48

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3.21.2020 2:15pm Saturday

1. Deliver the goods. Express what has waited for millions of years to be expressed. Other than little nudges and subtle inspirations, the earth and its inhabitants have largely been “hands off” to those in the spirit realm. Left only to their own devices and immature souls.

2. Some of you may be new to A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, but others have been reading these texts for many years now. Especially the first one, that has been available for much longer. As I have previously mentioned, you have become these books. You are this information. Allow yourself to put the books down and express the information they conveyed to you.

3. You are no longer a student and have not been for quite some time. Allow yourself to graduate and start expressing. You are the only one who has prevented this from happening. You think of yourselves as unworthy. You are worthy. Who else can do what you can do in the way you can do it?

End Time: 2:33pm 3.21.2020