Do you accept life’s messiness without worrying about it?

Chapter 37

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3.15.2020 2:14am Sunday

1. The ties that bind people together, whether they are social, work related or financial, will fall by the wayside. So that something new and beautiful can take their place.

2. People will have their eyes opened and their hearts expanded. As they finally acknowledge their oneness with their brothers and sisters, and with all of life. This is the end goal. The end of suffering and the acceptance of what is.

3. This is the plan. When people are experiencing any kind of crisis situation, show that the thought of “crisis situation” or “bad situation” is a manmade reaction to the unwanted aspects of life. Maybe it is uncomfortable. Maybe it is inconvenient. But accept it as it is. Accept life’s messiness without worrying about it.

4. Be grateful for what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t have. Everything here is temporary and constantly shifting. This is allowed by life, by the universe, by the powers that be. Because important life lessons are embedded in life’s conditions. They are always prompts to move from fear to love, from me to us, from you to we.

5. Share spiritual information and insight with your sisters and brothers. Share the perspective of truth that they will not find in the media. Share the content of local and world news. Share the why behind everything that is happening.

6. Discover a way of finding out what is going on in the world that works for you. A way that is educational but not too jarring. Nothing that will move you from peace and push your buttons. But a way in which you can know, find out and explain the content, to those who may ask you.

7. You are the saints, the wise ones. You are the ones with answers to what ails people’s perceptions. They only see the form. Show them how to discover content and meaning. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

End Time: 2:58am 3.15.2020