What if someone firmly believes there is nothing beyond perception?

Chapter 38

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3.16.2020 2:59am Monday

1. The fire within each of you will control what you do and how you do it. It is the creative force. It relies on your brain only as a communication device. And bypasses it as a primary decision maker. The ego uses your brain as a decision maker. Even in affairs of the heart, the brain gets the last say.

2. The idea that humans are vehicles for something, other than a brain and all of its ideas about everything, is a novel one. What if someone doesn’t believe there is anything else? That what you can perceive is all there is? Atheists have firmly developed and held beliefs just as a church goer may have.

3. Your task is not to change anyone’s mind about anything. They will change their mind when they are ready to do so. You are each positioned as resources when someone is ready.

4. The task at hand is to nurture this opening up. This flowering if you will, of your brothers and sisters. Life’s harshness can harden the encasement of the soul.  Essentially freezing it and preventing growth.

5. We as mature souls model life beyond perception into the realm of knowing. You are a portal, a fountain of otherworldly wisdom. When you share with a new initiate, this is what you are sharing, heart to heart. Their brain is processing what you are saying but you aren’t sharing with a brain. You are sharing nurturing light with the heart of their soul. The soul will recognize your words as truth. You are helping to rewire a system that by-passes a brain and its egoic ideas. You are helping another soul to take charge of the body and not be a slave to it.

6. You are like a modern day Moses, freeing people from themselves.

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