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Chapter 28

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3.6.2020 2:51am Friday

1. Shadow figures are the unforgiven souls from the past, both recent and long term. Each human has several and egoically identified groups have several as well. They are the true demons here. What they did was unforgiveable. And yet many of these folks are not alive in form any longer, or have whereabouts unknown. The stories about what these characters did grew out of proportion to what actually transpired.

2. They cast a shadow on each precious human life. You yourself may very well be a shadow figure to a brother or sister. Maybe you made a hurtful comment or action and weren’t able to remedy it.

3. Hitler is probably the biggest and most well known shadow figure as are some other notorious criminals. These people did not keep their own gardens tended. And ended up projecting their own anger about their own shadow figures.

4. This is the tragic aspect of human life. Very few can adequately process their feelings. And hence become possessed with thoughts about those who wronged them.

5. Teaching others about the nature of God and how they are integral aspects of God is crucial. Teaching about understanding and release of pent up thoughts about someone, is the next crucial part of each of your missions.

6. The truth is, while it may be true that someone did or said something, you yourself have done or said the same thing in a different place and time. And if you didn’t, you’re either not being truthful or you have forgotten. These things can’t define you anymore. Every human soul is better than their weakest moments.

7. Love understands and love looks past words and behavior. We do not define each other because of these things. A world without shadow figures would be a very different world. Share this with everyone we send to you.

End Time: 3:28 3.6.2020