Are you an activist spreading the truth wherever you go?

Chapter 23

3.1.2020 4:23 am Sunday

1. There are three things we must do now – organize, plan, and disseminate. This text is how we are organizing you into an active body of activists for the truth.

2. We hope to light fires of inspiration in each of you to spread the truth wherever you go. Whether you work in groups or individually, do your work of soul forming by blessing everyone wherever you go.

3. This is the plan, organized loosely for flexibility. Rigidity is not in our nature. The truth flows from us through each of you. This is dissemination. We form a web that will become tighter and tighter as time passes. This web will form the new earth. It resonates at a slightly higher frequency than the egoic level.

4. Our modeling will attract others and encourage them to awaken to the truth about themselves and each other.

End Time: 4:46am 3.1 2020