Have you quit blaming others and yourself?

Chapter 19

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2.26.2020 2:58am Wednesday

1. The road less travelled is the one we travel on together. It is not paved and has not had the branches and rocks cleared away. Isn’t this what farmers have to attend to before they can spread their seeds and plant crops? This is where our work begins.

2. In human beings, branches and rocks can be compared to those things that have been projected or cast out – rocks or boulders. And things that have been internally rejected resulting in blame of self – branches blocking the road after a storm. This is the “No Escape” concept taught in A Course of Love.

3. When you are presented with an opportunity, and given a green light by us, teach about the dangers of blaming. Blaming either ourselves and/or others, and the unwanted consequences this may bring. Love accepts and does not criticize. This is where we start to clear many uninhabitable paths for soul growth.

4. Remember friends, it isn’t about us anymore. We’ve already done the work on ourselves. We are only here now to inspire and foster growth in others, either through being or through doing.

5. The phrases “Let it go” and “It is what it is” have more meaning than most people think. If truly applied, they will lead to healing. What is it that needs to be healed? It is ultimately the belief in personhood. You are not a separate person. You are an individuated representation of the family of God.

6. Any type of blame brings unwanted things into our lives that can cause great delay in the atonement process. Disease and life’s curve balls can’t be willed away. But they can be loved away. It’s the non-loving thoughts that create these things. Loving thoughts cannot support these roadblocks. They have to dissolve in the face of love and acceptance.

7. In their absence, joy and peace can once again return.

End Time: 3:46 am 2.26.2020