Do you use cooperation not competition to create benefit for everyone?

Chapter 185

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1. Everything in this world, every single thing, is based in evaluative judgment. Is this good enough? Can it make more money if we change the packaging? Are the risks involved worth the effort? These are all examples of the brain’s incessant thoughts which are often used for power, namely, money and status. The bottom line is that you are each here alone, and are left to your own devices, to not only have your basic needs met but to hoard resources at your brother’s and sister’s expense. Evaluative judgment is at the basis of competition. Who can do this the best? Who is the winner? Who left his competition in the dust? In areas such as sports or business, different individuals are often held up as role models. “Look at me. If you work hard and sacrifice, you just might be lucky enough to be as admired and as rich as I am.”

2. The whole world is based on the ideas of characters who themselves are not real. This is why the human world is not actually a representation of reality. If souls ran events here, the outcome would be entirely different. They would use cooperation instead of competition to create things that would benefit everyone. There would be little need for red kettles and handbells at Christmas time, because every aspect of God would always experience abundance.

3. So, this is the world you live in. This is the canvas we are asking you to do your work as Christ in. Let’s explore things that you have seen and are likely to encounter in a new way.

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