Are you aware your powerful blessings influence souls like never before?

Chapter 186

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8:9:2020 4:00pm Sunday

1. Believe it or not, a soul only wants influence over a character’s life. It only wants the very best outcomes. Outcomes that will produce the fruits of perfect joy, perfect health, and abundance in all things.

2. Of course, you’re not always going to be in the position of knowing any of the behind the scenes details, but let’s say that you are aware that there is lack in one or more of these three areas in your co-aspect’s life. It’s safe to say that this co-aspect thinks they are an independent person, and have not yet made the realization about their true identity.

3. Now, we are describing 99.99% of humanity. So, in each of these cases, the egoic resistance to the surrender to the soul, manifests in billions of different patterns, each unique to the individual character. So, this means that what you may observe or what you may be privy to, is supposed to look that way. It is supposed to be that way. It cannot in fact be any other way. This is tough for a lightworker like yourself to swallow. Your own humanity may be telling you that something is wrong, terribly wrong.

4. This is what you have to correct in your own thinking. Nothing is ever wrong. It is all supposed to go down the way that it is. Resistance to your own true nature, to God, causes circumstances and events that range from mildly uncomfortable to severely disruptive. This is meant to pull the wayward character back on track 100% of the time. Your powerful blessings and influence will help us with this like never before. Due to your numbers, we will be able to influence in new ways, outside the typical sphere of influence.

5. One note of caution, there are characters in a relatively small group that seem to the naked eye to have perfect health, perfect joy, and abundance. The key word is “seem”. Interestingly, the world offers these fruits to a lucky few. Don’t be deceived, because we aren’t.

End Time: 4:33pm 8:9:2020