Are you incapable of anything but love and forgiveness?

Chapter 184

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8:8:2020 8:38pm Saturday

1. Many of the situations that are disturbing to virtually all who walk the earth are calls for love. This is the easy part. Not condemning potential or actual perpetrators thought to be the cause, is much more challenging. Who shot the gun that took the lives away? This person is calling for both love and forgiveness. They rarely receive either. If they physically survived, they universally are pushed away from love’s embrace, deemed not worth of love, and deserving of hatred and scorn. This has to change if your world is to survive.

2. Love can only love. It cannot do anything but love. If you are in love, then you are only capable of love. If a society is in love, it cannot push one of its members away. A love society brings everyone into its embrace.

3. We haven’t yet seen a love society, but when it arrives, it will promote and support love in all of its forms. Widespread love will prevent all acts of violence, but if they were to rarely occur, creative and loving remedies will correct any harmful effects.

End Time: 8:59pm 8:8:2020