Do you practice simply observing rather than judging?

Chapter 183

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8:8:2020 3:55pm Saturday

1. You have all heard me talk extensively about judgment and how harmful it is, not just to the mind/body vehicles but to souls as well. The most extreme form of judgment is condemnation, and condemnation is very difficult for souls to deal with, in all ways. It makes bringing love to the surface of a character that much more difficult, in not only the receiver but the giver as well. Multiply this by multiple characters or even multitudes of characters, and you can begin to see the big, master, picture.

2. Judgment isn’t always so brash, however. It is pretty slick and sneaky. It shows up in virtually all thoughts. “I hate this. He shouldn’t have done that. It could have gone better. That should not have happened”, are just a few common thoughts that pop into your brains on a constant basis. You can’t stop them from being in your head, but you can dis-empower them by not believing in them. Stay in your Christ Self and don’t get pulled in. This gets easier with practice.

3. When you go for a lovely walk or bike ride, practice not judging anything. Just observe. Instead of saying “I hate that”, try saying “That’s interesting!” or “That’s not my thing.”

4. You are all good at this point, in differentiating between love and calls for love. This is not judgment. It is simply discernment. Discernment is a good thing. It does no harm and can do a great deal of good, as long as calls for love are not ignored, and are followed up on, with a robust blessing.

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