Do you think with love as your guide regardless of anyone’s opinion?

Chapter 182

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8:8:2020 10:24am Saturday

1. Let us begin this day with gratitude for our freedom. We are free to think the way that we want to or not. We are free to think with love as our guide, or with fear, as we always have been. It’s just that we didn’t know that we had permission. We didn’t know that we each had to give ourselves permission, without regard for anyone’s opinion.

2. Free thinkers are rare here. They may be tolerated more in some parts of the world than in others. Many became inventors or leaders of movements for women’s rights, gay rights, civil rights, and other social movements. They planted seeds that encouraged new thinking and attitudes about things. They have had their place in society.

3. We will now move several steps further into freedom. There is no defining box for us to fit into. Labels and boxes become restrictive themselves. The women’s movement had growing pains in learning to accept transgendered women, because these women didn’t fit into the original box. This movement had to expand its original ideas.

4. We are starting our Christ Consciousness movement completely without any label or definition. There is no box. There are no limitations whatsoever.

5. We each know who we are in truth. We know that we are each an individualized aspect of God, a soul. We know that we have a body to use in service to God and to all, but that we are not a body. We cannot be defined and limited in any way. We are free to use the body’s brain to create with love as its fuel. This is the “Art of Thought”, first taught in A Course of Love.

6. We are containerless creators. We are free. We are free. We are free.

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