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Chapter 177

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7:19:2020 11:02am Sunday

1. Emotions are generated from thoughts and can be deeply felt, but not all emotions are from love just as not all thoughts are from love. I have asked you to become more aware of your feelings, each and every one of them, no matter what the type. This was deliberate on my part. This was our collective movement away from mind and all of its thoughts.

2. The next step is to ask where the thought that produced the emotion or feeling came from. Why is it in your brain and where did it come from?

3. Is it possible to only produce loving thoughts and quickly identify all other thoughts for what they are: neutral or calls for love? Is it possible to only feel love all of the time? I say that yes, it is possible and it is imperative that each of you learn how to do this.

4. You have been taught and continue to teach each other, that if you want to be labeled as a “kind” and “caring” person, then you must feel as bad or perhaps worse, about a challenging situation than those directly involved. I say pick this weed out as soon as it takes root. It is utter nonsense.

5. Get the facts, identify any actions that may be needed, bless those involved, see the situation as a potential learning opportunity at the soul level, and keep your peace and love at maximal level.

6. Your brain may think this is callous, but it is the only way to stay in your sovereign self and not lose your freedom. Feeling “bad” or feeling any way but “fantastic” is not coming from love and is a very common trap.

7. Please be bold and refuse to get pulled into everything that is happening in the world. Provide the love response but don’t let these situations drag you into the mud.

End Time: 11:31am 7:19:2020